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Our repairs are done on a walk-in basis. No appointment needed.

Tune Up

Tune ups are charged by the hour. Our minimum charge to work on your bike is $35 for small adjustments, but we don't want you to pay for services you don't need! Come in and we can give you an estimate to help you find the most cost effective option. 

$120 (average tune up)


Have your bike shipped to us directly or bring your new bike in with all the parts it shipped with, and we will build it for you, disposing of any trash. We back up the bike as if it was purchased here. If anything comes out of adjustment, we will take care of it for free (minus parts, wear, or items broken from use). 



Need your bike packed to ship? We can pack it for you (with advanced notice so we can ensure we have the materials needed), or you can rent our hard shell bike box for your shipping and travel needs (inquire about pricing for rental). 

$150 for packing

Tire/Wheel Service

Tire change, tube change, tubeless set up and wheel true services are all available. Inquire for pricing (variable based on materials needed and customer preference). 


Have a frame you love and want to upgrade your drive train and other componentry? Bring it in and we can help you assess your options to upgrade your bike. Cost for services depend on the work needed to upgrade your specific bike to your wishes. 


Not sure if you want to fix your bike, upgrade it, trade it in, or purchase a new one? Come in and we can help you determine what costs would be associated with all options/services to determine the best course of action for you! 

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