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Fitting Options

Comfort Fit

Platform Pedal bike with a focus on comfort


Road Fit

Recreational to racing- this fit is focused on comfort and efficiency based on your needs


Tri Fit

Aero positioning and aero bar focused for a tri specific fit



Dynamic positioning focus for mountain biking specific needs to maximize the power transfer through the pedal


Tandem Fit

Focused on ensuring both riders have the most ideal fit without compromising one rider for the other


Spin Cycle Fit

Clipless pedal fit for indoor spin fitness bikes to increase comfort while reducing injury


Recumbent Fit

Aligns knees by adjusting pedal stance to ensure the most comfortable and correct fit



Assistance in finding the best bike and fit for you- cost can be applied towards a full fit when you purchase a bike.
(up to $90)

$100/  hour

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