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Wulf (Core-Line)

Wulf (Core-Line)

PriceFrom $399.00

Black as midnight on a moonless night, the wulf is a howlin good time. Roam the streets alone or as a pack. Built on a durable steel frame in a sleek matte black finish with all black components, the Wulf is tough, versatile and sharp-looking.


Our Core-Line fixed gear and single speed bicycles are what we're best known for. Built on a durable steel frame with seat stay rack mounts, eyelet mounts on the fork and cable stops, the Core Line models are as stylish as they are versatile. Quality components, and a flip-flop hub that will allow you to ride fixed gear or freewheel.


If you want a fun and well-built bicycle but aren't yet looking for something “race-ready”, the Core-Line series is for you.

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