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State Bicycle Co. x Corona - Klunker

State Bicycle Co. x Corona - Klunker


Corona is the ideal companion to life’s simple pleasures, such as riding a bicycle. Born in Mexico and raised on the beach, Corona has risen to become the #1 most loved beer brand in the U.S. due to its easy going attitude, smooth flavor, and distinctive branding. For 21+. Relax responsibly.


The Klunker. What is it? A beautiful, retro-inspired, mash-up of: part beach cruiser, part mountain bike, and part BMX. The perfect “DGAF” bike, for neighborhood cruises, trips to the corner store, and walking the dog….OR… if you’re feeling audacious, mount up and rip a trail.

The SBC Klunker has the durable wheels, frame, and handlebars of a BMX bike, with ground-eating mountain bike tires, so mount up and rip a trail if you are feeling audacious. It is the ultimate all-purpose bicycle. 

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